I am trying to help a friend find a particular year & model Pontiac car.  I would like to relate a short story to explain.

My name is George Dean.  I now live in Parksville on Vancouver Island.  I was born & raised in a small town in Northern Ontario, close to Thunder Bay.  I had a best friend that I grew up with whose name was Jim.  In 1969, Jim bought a new 1969 Pontiac Strato Chief.  In 1971 my wife & I moved to Vancouver Island & we have lived here ever since.  Every time that my wife & I would take a trip back to the Thunder Bay area, we would always stop in to visit Jim, his wife & his young family.  Jim & his wife had two children, a son James & a daughter Terry.  Jim worked very hard to build his trucking business over many years & he trained his son James in all aspects of the business.  Jim unfortunately passed away in October of 2017 at the age of 69

Jim’s son James, contacted me late last year to tell me that he now wants to build a car that was like his Dad’s 1969 Pontiac Strato Chief & asked me if I could help him with this mission.  I was very happy to take on this challenge.  I just sent James some literature (which he just received last week), a 1969 Pontiac shop manual, a 1969 Pontiac owner’s manual & a 1969 Pontiac Sales brochure (with the help of a literature collector here in Parksville).  Now I am on the hunt for a donor car that James could work on with his son, to make a car like Jim had.  Ideally I would like to find a car that is in as good condition as possible, with limited rust etc.  I have been searching the internet without much success.

 I realize that Jim’s car in today’s world is pretty rare & my chances of finding something for James to work with are very slim but I want to try for him.  This now brings me & this story to you to look for advice & help.

 I have attached three pictures.  The blurry one was Jim’s original 69 Starto Chief (taken in the winter time).  The two nice clear pictures I found while searching the internet & as luck would have it, the car has B.C. plates on it.  This is the type of car (condition wise) that I am looking for, for James to buy.  I realize this is a very long shot, but have you ever seen this particular car or one similar in your travels or at a car show?

If you have any advice or knowledge of a car like I am trying to find, I would be very grateful.  Thank you for taking the time to even read this email.  I look forward to your reply if you can.

George & Gwen


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1979 Trans Am 

The list of the rebuild is to long for an email however I have hundreds of photos and documentation of everything that was done. 

I am asking $40,000 obo

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