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1964 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport, Laurentian and Strato-Chief Brochures and Paperwork

I have brochures and paperwork that show models and options on a 1964 Pontiac. It's the stuff you would get from the dealer when you bought that car. It's for a Parisienne CS, Parisienne. Laurentian and Strato-Chief.


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1951 Pontiac Chieftain 4-door Sedan

• Body condition: fair
• Chrome: mostly complete
• Odometer: 80444
• Transmission: manual
• Color: green
• Title status: clear

Currently not running due to flat battery and (potentially) dead starter. 

This car has lived most of the last 50 years inside and used only intermittently. Moved to BC, lovingly restored (mechanically) to road worthiness around 30 years ago it has since then been mostly idle. Current owner acquired in 2008 with intent of fixing up with mechanical son who has since moved away. Needs someone with some mechanical knowhow to bring this beauty back to the road. Interior needs freshening up or an upgrade; depending on your inclination. Included with the car is a rubber kit to replace the seals on doors and windows; repair/maintenance and owner manuals; and pink fuzzy dice. 

Asking $6.750.00 OBO

​Autotraders link here.

A classic parade car.  Pillarless side windows open completely to reveal politician, beauty Queen or rock star waving to crowd.  This car is perfect for an original model maintainer.  Nice to keep as a stock example of a bygone era.

Car presently in Victoria BC.  Price negotiable. 

Call Konrad (250) 384-7505​​​​

Contact: Greg Eiers (LWW@telus.net)​

Isky camshaft and hydraulic lifters

Has run for 20 min to break in
Came out of a Pontiac 400

SUMMIT SELLS FOR $360 US, open to offers

Location : North Van/BC
$300 CAD

1960 Pontiac Parisienne 4-door hardtop

Boulevard cruiser for sale.  

238 V8, Single Family Owned

Stroke incident precipitates sale

80k Miles. Body as original, never in a fender-bender

All chrome in good condition.  All glass perfect, no pits or chips.

Upholstery as original, carb needs work, engine runs smoothly.

New brake cylinders just installed.


1956 Pontiac Catalina Hardtop Sedan

This example has an absolutely authentic patina. The American classic car enthusiast calls this rare condition "survivor" or "time capsule."

Contact David Meehan (meehandavid61@gmail.com) for details

Pontiac 6 H heads
Freshly rebuilt - run for 20 mins only
ID - 6H

Location : North Van/BC
$800 CAD

​Pontiac Stock crankshaft from a Pontiac 400
20 mins of run time on fresh rebuild

Location : North Van/BC
$200 CAD